Antique Sterling Silver Dangle Polar Bear Charm Beads with Screw Thread

Antique Sterling Silver Dangle Polar Bear Charm Beads with Screw Thread
Model No.: SS3049
Each Sterling Silver Dangle Polar Bear Charm Beads with Screw Thread is made by high skilled worker, high quality craft, fit perfectly on major brand European chains as well as our very own interchangeable bracelets, necklaces and bangles too.
Size: 10*28mm, hole is 4.5 mm
Weight: 3.80 g
Material: 925 sterling silver
MOQ: 2 Pcs
Stock: 0 Pcs
Qty.Range(unit) Price(per unit)
2 + US$ 9.60
10 + US$ 8.40
20 + US$ 7.80
Order Quantity: 

Product Information:

 1. Feature: Each Antique Sterling Silver Dangle Polar Bear Charm Beads with Screw Thread are made by high skilled worker, Perfect processing, 100% physical picture, fit perfectly on major brand european chains as well as our very own interchangeable bracelets, necklaces and bangles too.
Types: accept customed order of the silver charm beads. same mould of the beads with different techniques when proceed to the post processing, which makes they look a bit can OEM the European silver beads, antique silver beads, silver European beads with gold plated, European enamel beads,European beads with CZ stones.  Give you a platform for display yourself, everyone can be a designer, Make one for every unforgettable and charmed moment.
2. Material: 925 sterling silver
3. Craft: delicate handcrafted;
4. Capability: Top Quality, Large Stock, Qiuck Shipping
5. MOQ: 2 pcs, small order is available in the first business
6. Payment: TT, Western Union etc
7. Discount: Order more discount more, pls view our "Discount Policy"

8. Delivery by DHL, Fedex or EMS etc, deliver time 3~15 days

9.What is 925 silver?

Typically inlaid silver, generally using a925 silver (silver refers to 92.5% of silver, plus 7.5% of the alloy, isrecognized in the international standard silver standard hardness of silver ispure silver 2.7,100% soft. can not molding production. inconvenience made ofsilver, but also relatively easy to oxidation, discoloration, in order toimprove its hardness and get the best of forming effect, required 7.5% copperin silver when making jewelry, but also allow silver gloss, brightness andhardness are improved

The Maintenance ofsilver bead:

1. Had better wear silver jewelry,because the body can produce naturally moist oil sheen.

2. Do not wear silver jewelrywhile wearing other precious metals, to avoid collision deformation orabrasion.

3. To keep silver dry, avoidcontact with water vapor and chemicals; Not available when the cotton swab ortissue paper surface, clear water and dirt, would be placed in a sealed bag orbox to avoid contact with air.

4. If you find signs of silverwith yellow, you can wash surface with toothpaste and water. Or use a smallbrush to clean silver jewelry jewelry slits, then rub silver cloth graze thesurface

5.In addition, rub silver clothcontaining silver and maintenance components, can not be washed with water

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