How to Tie Fashion Scraves for women 2012

12 October, 2012  

Now summer has officially ended and autumn has begun. The chill in the air was tangible, every woman needs one time with the scarves with the gender style.

how to wear silk scarves for women 2012

I often fall into the rut of wearing my scarves just one or two different ways, and often forget about the whole range of different styles you can achieve with just this one simple piece.

As you have a scarf, may be you will ask how to tie the chiffon knot:,  how to tie the oversized scarf and how to tie the plait?

Here DoodJewelry show you how to tie scraves:

how to tie different styles scraves

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These scarf knotting swatch cards give illustrated instructions on several easy styles you can try with your scarves. Some of these are more appropriate for warmer weather, but for those of you south of the equator (where I'll be headed in just a few short weeks) will be able to enjoy them as you embark into Spring.